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~ Monday, May 5 ~

Lee Noble “Ruiner” LP (Bathetic)

Record sale. Fresh copies! $12 US media rate shipping included! Sealed. Includes letterpress or risograph insert. Edition of 500.

“Songs such as ‘Remind Me’ and ‘Wiring the Rag’ stand out for how quickly they inhabit that area of brain usually reserved for more annoying, radio-friendly bits. It’s not that the songs have bombastic hooks or synthetic wizardry, but they are catchy and free of internal dissonance, like a room full of flowers. It’s possible to get lost within Noble’s music, even when the songs are structured and vividly detailed, as they still retain their impressionist charm.” — Decoder

“Lee Noble is such a major d00d.” — Tiny Mix Tapes

“Lee Noble is clearly at the apex of his murky pop powers.” — Experimedia

Bathetic Records
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~ Monday, March 31 ~

NK50: Poet Named Revolver “Meets Gruesome” c30

The only statement from my old Nashville band with Steve Molyneux, Caleb Steelman, and TJ Richards. It’s the reason No Kings was started, it’s what I think of when I think about Nashville. Desperate songs about city life, apocalypse scenarios, girls, lost friends, car crashes. Steve and I went to Memphis one time and walked past a church that had burnt to the ground in the middle of downtown, a tree out front was swarming with bats… Steve wrote a song about that. So… you know. Post-folk-post-punk. Catchy and bleak. A few CDr’s were handed out; our friend Matt Sullivan’s label Nailbat made 50 tapes in 2008 and said: “having spent years jumping from no wave to folk to tribal experimentation, Meets Gruesome is where all of those sounds co-exist.” I can’t properly illustrate the personal significance. I’ll just say it: best album of the last 10 years. I’m so happy to share it. 100 pro-dubbed imprinted tapes, 2-color risograph, with hand painted fluorescent orange gouache dots.

Poet Named Revolver - Gypster from Geoffrey Sexton on Vimeo.

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~ Thursday, February 20 ~

보자기 (pojagi) by Amy Fortunato (zine #18) - SOLD OUT

보자기 (pojagi) by Amy Fortunato: Graphic renderings and collages of pojagi patterns, a traditional Korean wrapping cloth made from fabric scraps. Handmade Indian khadi cotton paper covers, with Korean washi liner paper on select editions. 3 color risograph. 20 pages. Edition of around 28. Pamphlet stitched with linen thread. $9 usa, price includes shipping. -SOLD OUT-

Tags: pojagi korean textiles risograph collage zine
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March 2013 by Amy Fortunato (zine #17) - SOLD OUT

March 2013 by Amy Fortunato: Original 35mm black and white snapshots from a snowy tour of Switzerland, Germany, and Austria in March of last year shot on a Pentax K1000. Icicles hanging from outside bedrooms, abandoned factories, empty train stations, black windows. Bleak, but wondrous. Edition of 30. Risograph on cardstock covers, washi liner paper, and digitally printed interiors. Machine-sewn binding. -SOLD OUT-

Tags: zine leipzig germany berlin b&w 35mm amy fortunato
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World War by Lee Noble (zine #16) -SOLD OUT-

World War by Lee Noble: Collages made with the fragments of war. Vehicles, smoke, weapons, burned trees, and other loaded images juxtaposed, printed with symbolically incongruous colors, includes pieces of joss paper for burning at funerals, and paranoia-tinged newspaper clippings. About 26 pages, depending on how you count. Variant covers on cardstock or washi paper. Edition of around 30. 3 color risograph. Hand painted and signed. Pamphlet stitched with baker’s twine. $11 USA, price includes shipping. -SOLD OUT-

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Drawing with MacPaint by Lee Noble (zine #15) -SOLD OUT-

Drawing with MacPaint by Lee Noble: Pixelated lines and stock patterns made with haste in the classic Mac program. Lag-time and repeated conflicting fills were exploited to make these painting analogues. Additional elements such as bitmap gradients and guilloche lines were collaged in. 20 pages. 3 color risograph printed on cream paper. Stapled binding. Edition of around 30. $6 USA, price includes shipping. -SOLD OUT-

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Manganese & Ochre by Lee Noble (zine #13) - SOLD OUT

Improvised prints exploring chance composition, and inspired by ancient cave drawings. Ink work and cut-ups in pink, circles excised from magazines in blue, pieces of thread dropped directly on the riso scanner in orange. 16 pages. Cotton rag or washi covers. 3 color risograph. Machine-sewn binding. Edition of 29. $9 USA, prices include shipping. -SOLD OUT-

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~ Wednesday, January 15 ~
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~ Friday, November 8 ~

NK49: Trabajo / Madrugapha split c30 - SOLD OUT

Straight outta Ridgewood, Queens comes this futuristic world music outfit (on side A) TJ Richards and Yuchen Lin as Trabajo - sampling the sounds of gamelan music and weaving it into their brand of synthy dance meditation. Effervescent keyboard riffs float above traditional drums and sub-bass pulses caked in delay during slowly unfolding passages reminiscent of 80s anime soundtracks. Trabajo is a sensation to see live, and these slower tracks belong in the candle-lit prayer room as offerings, before they go play some basement banger. More meditation waves are offered up on side B, where Buenos Aires’ Madrugapha spins lo-fi mellow psychedelia with delayed mbira, loops, fuzzed-out guitar, keyboards, and damaged vocals, following in the floating footsteps of Sparkling Wide Pressure. Edition of 100 pro-dubbed, imprinted tapes with risograph art on assorted paper, inspired by bejeweled saints buried in the catacombs of Europe. -SOLD OUT-

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~ Thursday, September 5 ~
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~ Tuesday, July 30 ~

NK48: Dan Svizeny “Plays The Hits” c30 - SOLD OUT

The long awaited sequel to Zero finds Dan experimenting with chopped ‘n screwed hits of the oldies. The samples are more discrete, and yet more destroyed. Glitches and delay cycles are left to work themselves out. Pieces are taped and re-taped, EQ is gutted. Cough Cool Slo-Mo Codeine-High Remixes sure to warp your vision. Edition of 100 pro-dubbed, imprinted tapes with risograph artwork based on Chinese joss paper meant for burning. Comes with a mini poster on newsprint. -SOLD OUT-

Tags: Dan Svizeny cough cool no kings tapes risograph joss paper philadelphia
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~ Tuesday, June 18 ~

NK47: Clearing “Distance” c40 - SOLD OUT

Double dose of Murfreesboro vibes for you all this morning. Presenting Clearing's third edition for No Kings. Snow-covered structures, time-stretched pheromonic clouds. Lovely, drifting trails, maybe slightly less bleak than his last offering (although the bleak/majestic line is fine with the best melodic ambient music). Edition of 100 pro-dubbed, imprinted cobalt tapes with risograph artwork by Lee, designed after old textbook covers. -SOLD OUT-

Tags: clearing murfreesboro risograph partytrash solid melts
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NK46: Sparkling Wide Pressure “Little Shrine” c60 - SOLD OUT

Recorded in 2011-2012 in his Murfressboro home, this album was originally slated for release on a possibly now defunct Russian label, and has been salvaged. The most pure, the most vibrant psychedelic drone folk, whatever the genre is called that SWP has created. The only point in space, infinite density of creative energy. The best tape ever. End of tapes. Dedicated to the Stones River. Pro-dubbed, imprinted cobalt. 2-color risograph artwork by Lee, with some images taken from Geoffrey Sexton’s video for Cosmos Blues. Edition of 100. Also check out this phalanx of free or cheap recordings at SWP’s Bandcamp. - SOLD OUT -

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~ Monday, June 3 ~

NK45: Stephen Molyneux “Called to Leave” c26 - SOLD OUT


This world traveler, professional gardener, poet, amateur ethnomusicologist, and No Kings co-founder has, at long last, collected his best song pieces (which move in and out of traditional American folk motifs) into a heart-shaking and catchy album. From murder ballad to chord organ interlude, themes of water and work, these atmospheric one-mic recordings of Stephen’s magnetic voice vibrating the floorboards of his Nashville home overflow with emotion and will have you hitting that rewind button over and over. The best. Edition of 100 pro-dubbed chrome, imprinted tapes, risograph artwork. For your convenience, you can stream the whole thing here. -SOLD OUT-

Stephen Molyneux - Called To Leave from Geoffrey Sexton on Vimeo.

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~ Friday, April 12 ~

RPG Inventory


A list of useful items you might find in a theoretical text adventure / RPG game. Letterpressed poster commissioned by Lee Noble and printed by Colby Poster in Los Angeles before they closed at the end of last year. Edition of 100, 14”x22”, on assorted colored backgrounds.

Tags: RPG text adventure colby poster letterpress no kings mmxiii parachute wolf pelt invisible ink nightshade decoder ring pencils
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