Tuesday, January 17

NK27: Clearing “No Titles” c40 - SOLD OUT

The second album on No Kings of sumptuous electronic suites from Murfreesboro’s Joseph Volmer (Party Trash, Virgin Spirit, Skylines, Police Academy 6) is wrought with slow intensity. These 7 stunning tracks channel classic moments from Baraka-soundtrack-era Dead Can Dance and Philip Glass, with space-high extremes that then plunge into the bleakest depths. At times plaintive, at others frightening, the icy chord progressions shatter and reform with each passing moment. Edition of 100 pro-dubbed tapes with color labels. Risographed and photocopied art based on accompanying video work by Geoffrey Sexton, with insert by Amy Fortunato. -SOLD OUT-

Clearing - Blank from Geoffrey Sexton on Vimeo.

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