Tuesday, May 29

NK34 - LeBeha Men “Garifuna Field Recordings” c30 - SOLD OUT


In 2010, No Kings co-founder Stephen Molyneux traveled to Cambodia and made some bewitching field recordings, which Tiny Mix Tapes called “24 minutes of haunting legitimacy”! This year he took a month long sabbatical to Central America, his first and last stop was in coastal Hopkins, Belize where he crafted this follow-up of sorts with locals, the LeBeha Drummers, who incidentally were nominated for a Grammy! (traditional music category) in 2006 for their first album. Garifuna Field Recordings is the group’s second physical release and was made directly onto cassette in single takes by Stephen, and focuses on a performance of two core group members Warren Martinez, Clayton Williams, and their teacher Jabbar Lambey, so they’ve retitled themselves for this release as LeBeha MEN, which translates to “The End Men” in Garifuna. This comes on the heels of their recent win at the Central American Battle of the Drums!!! Edition of 200 tapes with 2-color risograph artwork. Watch some videos here. - SOLD OUT -

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