Tuesday, July 10

NK35: Secret Birds “In Hex” c44 - SOLD OUT

Damon Black of Australia recorded this audio cryptogram of interlocking loops, riffs, and textures when he was living in Tokyo in 2011. Moment to moment, this record is hitting many touchstones, part Kraut / psychedelic / drone, but always expansive, outward, and visual. Shapes and forms: waves, hexagons, prisms, serpentines, pyramids. A druggy wah in the distance buried over with fuzzy ether. Edition of 80 pro-dubbed tapes with risograph artwork. -SOLD OUT-

Century Waves
In Hexagon
Refractions from the Skull Prism

A Serpent with Corners
Zen Pyramid

Tags: tokyo australia drone psych no kings secret birds tapes
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